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Terms of Carriage

Attention - Those in charge of goods inwards/accounts departments
Rose Confectionery Ltd uses various Transport operators including their own Transport.  As part of the terms and conditions of carriage, we are obliged to make clear our policy to our valued customers.  Please note the key points that must be noted in case of dispute.
Carriage is subject to RHA 1998 Conditions of Carriage
It is the responsibility of the Buyer to ensure that a Clear Proof Of Delivery (POD) note is signed – all goods must be signed for at point of delivery and any discrepancies must be clearly marked on POD
Discrepancies should include where possible
What damage has actually occurred to the goods
A description of how the goods arrived
The date + time of when the Buyer discovered the damage
What goods are missing from the Picking Note 
**please note a picking note will be attached to all consignments detailing goods delivered and quantity per item
The transport operator will request that the Rose picking note is signed and, on occasion in addition the XDA form should also be signed when requested by the haulier
Failure to mark clearly the POD will result in claims not being accepted
As per Terms and Conditions 5.1, the Buyer has 48 hours to report any discrepancy to Rose; the above conditions of carriage will also be applicable